Bringing IT Consulting out of the ‘stoneage’

The challenge for modern day business is to ensure that “old School” applications or processes do not remain the norm, but rather new leading edge solutions which often require an agile approach to delivery are brought to the forefront for decision making.

Transformation Services

Most large corporations need to transform their business to meet ever changing market conditions. The key to successful transformation is selecting the “right” areas of the business to change and then sourcing leadership to deliver it.

Portfolio Management

Most larger corporate Change programmes require the interaction between multiple separate workstreams while carefully integrating them, while at the sametime ensuring executive stakeholders are fully appraised.

Outsourcing or not!

The biggest failure for a corporate decision on whether to outsource is not understand their customer using the services and not addressing their satisfaction requirements. Outsourcing has many flavours – choosing the right one, and the right geographic location is pivotal.


Hiring the “old guys” to get the job done

The term “Hiring the Old-Guy” in our context loosely describes the people or a person that we bring to the table and engage. They bring many years of ‘lessons learned’ and experience you just cannot gather from sitting in a classroom. It’s these lessons that we use to help make the “right” decisions for your business environment often preventing bad decisions from being repeated. We can source the ‘right’ people most who have held VP level roles in large global businesses, thats our “VALUE ADD”!

Cost of IT Change !

The hidden costs in today’s world of IT Transformation and Business Change is driven not only by the obvious vendor negotiation it is about considering the type of operational moves and changes required for the enhancement of the business. It is also making sure to manage the Programme scope and resourcing requirements. Using smaller niche and agile or bespoke consultants can be greatly beneficial so do not always assume the large global “Big-5 Five” conglomerates are the only options. Most often they are not agile and very costly.

Focus areas

What We do !

Interim IT Transformation and Business Change engagements across a broad field of services. Corporate IT Technology refresh, IT Programme portfolio management, Interim IT leadership, Infrastructure or Data Centre Cloud, and Contact Centre / BPO / Shared services Outsourcing, IT M&A Advisory.

PMO and Programme Leadership

Running large global programme portfolio’s across IT Change and Transformation, including refresh of Network & Data Centres 

Technology Transformation & Cloud services

Complete end-2-end technology upgrades to global wide vendor migration and replacement

Contact Centre and BPO Outsourcing

Managing the marketing hype around IT Outsource and vendor selection –
Providing “Outsource” or “In-source” analysis


Our Approach to a Successful Delivery

The approach that’s best for the client is up to the client, the most effective solution is engaging in an open and frank dialogue to best understand what the business end result needs to be. This process will ensure there are clear objectives to be met which will justify a successful delivery.

The engagement model should always be assessed against agreed and achievable milestones – all of which will be set against timescale and associated costings – We typically engage in medium to longer term engagements. Proper global transformational programmes typically do not deliver board level business benefits in short assignments of less than 6 months. Key deliverables on a global capacity tend to be (18 to 24 months) in the making.

Business Transformation

Wide ranging assignments from pure global leadership of multi-workstream, matrix managed delivery to coordinate IT technology refresh – on time and within budget.

Outsourced Services

Business often get bogged down with marketing hype around the rights and wrongs of outsourcing. We can put many business critical options on the table, from location, to modeling like Build/ Operate / Transfer – including the geo-locations that will benefit your business as required.

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