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The term “Hiring the Old-Guy” in our context loosely describes the person or people that we might bring to the table to engage in your business challenges. We bring many years of ‘lessons learned’ and experience that just cannot be bought by sitting in a classroom.

It is past mistakes that we’ve learned from many previous examples so that we ensure we deliver the “right” choices for your business change environment preventing what we call ‘poor decisions’ being repeated.

CCServe Ltd is the business vehicle we use to provide experienced and qualified interim consultancy roles focused on our global clients that require executive-led IT Change & Transformation. We have not only likely, done it before, we also have access to a geographically dispersed network of like-minded resources that mostly come from experienced VP level roles within large global organisations bringing that experience with them.

Our engagements typically are a mix of Programme Portfolio Leadership, IT Infrastructure Change or Operational Transformation delivery, but also includes Shared Services Advisory and Outsourcing Strategy. We typically target Senior executives/Board level Management that need skilled experience to make a quick difference to their business.

Sample of the services we provide


  • Programme Cost Management
  • Operational Change Management
  • Portfolio Programme Governance
  • IT Vendor/Supplier delivery management
  • Contact Centre “Right Sourcing” advisory
  • In-house or Outsourced Shared Services BPO
  • Vendor contract negotiation & comparison analysis

Experience gained from engagements with these brands

HSBC Bank, UBS Investment Bank, Citigroup, Emirates Airlines, Coats PLC, Zurich Insurance, Renaissance Bank, Marsh MacLennan, LIFFE (Now NYSE Euronext), Credit Suisse, Sitel BPO, Teleperformance, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse, Sutherland Outsourcing, Genesys, AVAYA, Juniper, Cisco, Nortel


There’s one thing that’s in short supply in almost every organisation, at every level, and that’s straight talking – business frankness.
It’s business’s biggest dirty little secret that in most organisations, many people protecting their jobs would hide or spin the truth rather than openly share it, making it harder for decision makers to bring factual reality of business challenges to the surface, or address how to fix it.


Taking charge of a programme by an interim for what’s considered a relatively short period of time doesn’t mean the Interim can’t make a big impact to an organisation. In most cases, an Interim would have the benefit of seeing business issues with fresh eyes, but more importantly the actions that are taken are not clouded by political outcomes.


Permanent contracts are still dominant in businesses – and it is set to stay that way for the foreseeable future. But does a senior level “permanent” position really exist in this day and age as most CIO’s tend to have a 3 to 4 year cycle anyway. It’s beneficial to adopt an interim mind set especially where interim’s bring vast amounts of “lessons-learned”.

Building a new low cost Shared Services Centre:

Dubai & Philippines:

Tasked to build a business case for Emirates Airlines Executive board I proposed a new low cost Contact Centre in the Philippines. Board proposal addressed market agent conditions, English language quality and customer service skills. This was approved and $22m funds allocated, where I personally rolled up the sleeves, took responsibility of the budget and embedded myself in the Philippines for 10 months and completed a 700 seat shared services centre which has brought more than $20m benefits over the last 6 years for the airline.

Telecoms supplier consolidation for Global Bank:


Set up from scratch a fully operational end-2-end delivery programme across 58 countries to drive a $38m Telecoms cloud based MPLS upgrade. This required putting in place and then training an Indian based PMO to support the programme while also creating a cost cutting high touch engagement joining the Telecom PM team with the bank team. This enabled a supplier delivery plan to be fully micromanaged end-to-end reducing the Telecoms suppliers down from ten suppliers to just two vendors, driving huge operational savings to HSBC.

Implementing a global wide cloud Data Centre solution:


Parachuted into UBS to get a grip and realign a $100m global Cloud based DC roll out across 28 countries. I refocussed the technical teams into high impact support teams and introduced new repeatable implementation automation to reduce data centre build time and implement the DC sites at a quicker pace. This drove a huge saving to UBS by reducing their outsourced resource technology support services substantially saving multi-million dollars in contracts.

Infrastructure hardware refresh risk mitigation for Global Bank:


Directed a $140m global transformation programme as per compliance to ISO27000 and regulatory expectations on hardware vulnerability. Mitigated security risk and drove vendor management control on the full replacement of Campus and Branch infrastructure across 58 countries ensuring that latest router, WIFI and switching software and hardware. This amounted to more than 400 branch migrations per year including the execution of supplier cost reduction strategies.


Why we should all be concerned about what boards are ‘NOT’ discussing!

CEOs and their executive leadership teams often don’t recognise that if they don’t have their business technology knowledge at their fingertips, then they are making corporate decisions in the dark.

As we all come out of the horrid Covid-19 pandemic its more clear than ever that technology solutions in lock-down do keep companies afloat, and in many cases retain staff.

Boards should certainly be building technology agendas into the core of their medium-term business strategy, if they don’t want to be overtaken by their market competition. Digital agenda does drive business growth and in turn revenue and market share – so therefore CEOs should be deliberately recognising how technology has a large say in the way that their business grows, and why technology leadership should be sitting at the Board Table.

As the world comes slowly out of the COVID-19 Pandemic it’s important that businesses understand the need to align all the boxes focusing quickly on business-change related deliverable’s or projects that will drive a flexible agile working environment in order to grow revenues.

Now more than ever is the time to engage people with Change & Transformation skills that have experience and valuable lessons learned as an enabler for fast-moving transformation to your organisation. Your organisation needs to keep your eye on doing what’s best to grow the business and consultants like us to drive rapid delivery of CHANGE. Our core areas we can help, are:-

1) Core Infrastructure and Operational change

2) Contact Centre/Shared Services/BPO post Covid-19

3) Cloud-based technology migration and improvement

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